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If you have lost money with this company, it's very likely you paid via credit or debit card.

Paying in this way affords you a degree of protection and you should be able to claim your money back by contacting your bank directly.

Topics included April Fool's Day, practical jokes and Jeremy Beadle; living in the country; who hasn't completed their census form; the Big Society, community spirit and real-life superhero crime-fighters such as 'The Statesman' in Birmingham and 'Man In Black' in London; with the audience including a social scientist, an investment banker who quit the city, a Jewish community assistance group, and the 'Knight Warrior' who patrols Salford.

A poor value, and Hertz was difficult and inflexible. It isn't signed and just looks like the access for an alley.

The show is a studio based light hearted talk show focussing on events of the past week, with a large amount of audience participation while also featuring supporting film clips.

Skinner first opens the show on his own, and in the opening piece outlines what the general themes of the night's show will be.

If you have lost out as a result of the collapse of Xfactordates speed dating Original Dating would like to offer you a 50% discount on attending any of our events.

To claim this discount simply forward your Xfactordates booking confirmation to and we will provide you with a discount code which will allow you to book for one of our speed dating events for half price.

Topics included binge drinking; infidelity and snooping on partners and neighbours, rear view sunglasses; the postponement of the 23rd James Bond film; the air travel disruption caused by an Icelandic volcano, with the audience including a publican, two volcanologists and an air stewardess.

Topics included spiritualism, the increase in ghost sightings; dieting, the Obamas favourite chocolates and Beyoncé's maple syrup diet; driving, White Van Man - the rudest drivers, driving tests; and Gordon Brown's bigotgate election gaffe; with the audience including a dieting woman who lost 10 stones 6 pounds in 13 months, a worker at the reputedly haunted Hampton Court Palace and Tower of London, and Professor Richard Wiseman who studies unusual phenomena.

Topics included the renaming of Norwich Union to Aviva, the American grandmother Pearl Carter's incestuous relationship; lying, snooker player John Higgins, common lies; beauty, Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba on Vanity Fair, strange crushes, the stress of relationships; and laughter and World Laughter Day; with the audience including Miss England Katrina Hodge, an expert on lying Glenn Wilson, a woman who fancies Ian Beale, and a Laughter Yoga instructor.

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