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Tiberius asked the man if anyone knew this secret formula.

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An innovative glassmaker created vitrium flexile, flexible glass.

Proud of his invention, he sought an audience with Emperor Tiberius.

The 40 Billion US$ music industry was born of one invention- the gramophone– and comfortably relied on one business model for almost a century of profits.

Then disruption came from another technology-the Internet.

There are fortunes to be made by identifying and exploring the smallest aspects of these seismic shifts in technology and business organisations. Email was able to disrupt the distribution link in the value chain of postal mail by enabling people to send and receive messages instantly and directly, rendering the postal service redundant in all matters of daily communication.

To thrive in the era of disruption, you don’t have to invent anything new.

While the dating site was a failure, Hurley, Chen and Karim all realized that people really enjoyed watching the uploaded videos.

So abandoning the original dating site concept, the team pivoted and renamed the site You Tube which was eventually sold to Google for US$ 1.65 billion in stock(that when You Tube was yet to make any revenues).

“Partnering with Mensa now gives Match members another smart way to easily search for and connect with likeminded singles.” In addition to the presence of the Mensa brand on Match.com, the world’s largest dating service is launching Mensa Match.com, a dating portal for the exclusive use of Mensa members.

Here, Mensans can interact with millions of Match members, and can search specifically for Mensa-minded singles.

Considering the glassmaker’s creation, Tiberius realized it would completely disrupt the Roman economy.

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