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During three days in a row we allocated 3 hours to talking to men and women fitting our user target.

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We also went to a company office working with us to get feedback from their employees.

The result of the research grew into 150 Trello cards.

Speaking out loud and writing on sticky notes enabled us to create a template for our personas. What are these dating app users doing on a dating app? Some examples of what we learned: We imagined user scenarios based on our personas and we highlighted frustrations.

They were the result of misinterpretations about the relationship purposes.

Two individuals share the same interests, but they don’t share the same relationship purpose.

Wouldn’t it be a key element in the dating world where users are in a hurry?

We ended up with Adopte Un Mec, Meetic, Gleeden, Tinder, Happn, OKcupid. This allowed us to understand where these apps differentiate themselves from each other.

It was also a way to compare how they solved the same problem and which problem they didn’t.

Armed with our brand new stack of sticky notes, we pointed two crucial pain points in these 6 services.

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