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It was as if something clicked, and all the sudden I was the womanizing playboy, even though I'm not a good-looking guy. Go downtown, where all the women are walking around.It's relatively easy to do 4 or 5 approaches an hour on busy city streets. In a 4 or 5 hour period you'll be able to do 20 approaches without a sweat. Do this twice a week, and soon approaching becomes easy, almost natural, kind of like you're just this neat, friendly guy who talks to everyone and likes everyone. Impossible to answer, nor should you look to answer that kind of question.One person will have many issues, while the other won't have as much. When I stopped asking this question and embraced the wisdom, that I'm all in no matter how long it takes, then the question didn't matter to me as much.

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I've been with my share of women, so I am not unfamiliar with the females. Keep in mind that for this to be more natural for 'unnaturals' and to be able to have a great conversation with a complete stranger, its going to take practice until it becomes apart of your lifestyle. stop them on the street and try to have as long of a conversation as you can without it getting or feeling awkard for the person, then try to go alittle bit longer the next set by trying little things here and there.

So, for someone like me, how many approaches do you I need to make significant progress. Whether it be with your speech, body language, or how you steer the conversation.

3]Keep talking to random day game there might be scarcity of sets which might get u off your state 4]keep doing newbie drills...although u will forget them once u get into habit of approaching I've been doing direct daygame for almost 6 month now.

I am a pretty soft spoke shy guy who takes a while to make friends. P-XIt does take quite a bit more than 15-30 a month. I think that most daytime pua's are doing 15-30 a week.

Especially in winter, like today, I only made 2 half ass approaches in 2 hours.

I feel like a lot of my energy is spent overcoming approach anxiety, and I am not doing much to improve the rest of the game.

It seems like a big deal now because you grew up in the public school system where teachers were constantly telling you to be quiet, and if you didn't get accepted into the cool click you learned to walk the halls alone like a mouse. Just run your own race, work on your game in small chunks, journal and watch the progress.

It may be slow, it may be quick, it may be a combination of both at different levels of learning.

Your smile and her smile will mesh together, but it won't seemed force, rather it will just happen.

This is what happened with me when I went from doing 10 approaches a week to 40 approaches.

You can do lots of sets but if you don't approach with a certain mindset and to learn, you might not learn much.

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