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As Publisher’s Weekly aptly put it: “Atik’s smart, youthful appraisal of today’s social landscape makes her seem like an expert that’s one step ahead of you.Informed by research and delivered with style, this is big-sister advice at its best.” • Who Pays for the Date: The New 50 / 50 • When to Text vs.

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That Will and Grace are once again roommates after painful breakups in their late 40s is necessarily treated differently than when they lived together in their early 30s at the show’s outset.

Jack’s eternal love of playing the dating field got a rude awakening in the second episode when he realized that many eligible bachelors are now looking at him with an eye for a “dad” type; even Will was startled to find out the same.

All of which made her the perfect author for a book about modern dating.

For anyone who appreciates a fun, fulfilling and altogether amazing dating life, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our entirely relevant manifesto: Modern Dating: A Field Guide from the Experts at How About We.

She doesn’t seem to have much of a purpose at all, and her jokes are halfhearted at best.

The only real beat of Rosario’s funeral that at all tracks is that Karen spends it swilling martinis at a nearby bar. Mc Cormack, Messing, Hayes, and Mullally are so in sync with their characters and each other that watching them perform even the most mediocre of scripts can feel like sitting in on your wittiest friends trading banter like it’s second nature. The dating “rules” of the past — the ones that dictated when and how and what to do in a romantic setting — no longer apply, leaving even the savviest of us feeling slightly disoriented. Enter Chiara Atik, who makes modern dating (rightfully) seem easy.Since 2010, she’s covered hundreds of topics on The Date Report with wisdom and hilarity, from the best way to ask someone out on Twitter to the plight of millennial women in the modern dating world. It might be 11 years since the show’s initial series finale, but with the same cast, director, and even sitcom sets, the revival is making a concerted effort to give its original fans exactly what they came to know and love all those years ago.But to its credit, there’s at least one important distinction that the revival isn’t ignoring: The new is, in fact, about an older Will and Grace (and Karen and Jack).Every so often, though, they get the kind of moment that calls for a more grounded performance than their usual slapstick; usually, they knock it out of the park.

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