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Your hair is extremely important and can really make or break a face.If an attractive guy has a bad haircut, he will lose a few points on the looks scale.

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It received great reviews all over the internet, so I bought it and it really cleared up my skin.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, it worked better for me than any acne medication I’ve ever tried.

Brush everyday, hopefully a few times a day, that should be common sense.

Floss often, and if you have yellow teeth invest in whitening strips.

If your acne is out of control, I’d honestly recommend accutane.

My acne hasn’t been remotely bad since my early high school years, but I still wash my face with expensive soap everyday.Wearing sweatpants and hoodies all the time isn’t a good thing either.Sweats are great for the gym or a lazy day but going out in them isn’t exactly a good idea. I’m not telling you that you need to walk around in a button down and khakis all the time, but find a style that suits you.If you’re naturally introverted this can be a challenge.But being social doesn’t mean you have to do all the talking.If you are having trouble you could go to a nice barber shop/stylist and ask them what they think.

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