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If a woman refuses to have sex, she becomes an “uptight bitch”, a “goody-goody virgin”, or a “deeper life prayer warrior”.If she does have sex, she becomes “loose”, an “ashawo”, a “hoe”, etc.

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Hier werden alle Transfers eines ausgewählten Spielers angezeigt.

Neben dem Zeitpunkt eines Transfers, den beteiligten Vereinen und der Ablösesumme, wird auch der Marktwert des Spielers zum Zeitpunkt des Transfers angegeben.

The truth is, I imposed my ideals on them and didn’t let them live their lives. Hell, maybe she loves her some rappers and their swagger and she watched him walk into a room and was like, “that one; want him.” Maybe, just maybe their connection is real and not based on whatever it is we think she is and he isn’t. And dating former (alleged) drug dealers and dudes who beef with guys named Jim Jones and date Kardashians is right up her alley.

I don’t know their likes, wants, desires, hopes or dreams. Maybe all she wants is to walk into her house and have him throw a stack of $1s at her ass while she’s cookin’ in the kitchen. Doesn’t mean she’s not a great woman and that we shouldn’t want the best for her, but maybe that’s exactly what she found in French.

Yet paradoxically, we are expected to give sex away to men for free, and women who do not, who “know their worth” and insist on being paid their monetary due for access to their vaginas are pilloried as whores, hoes, and “runs girls”. You cannot simultaneously be “cheap” for having sex with men for free, and “cheap” for having sex with men for money.

Neither can you be “expensive” or “worthy” for not having sex with men, if the the end result is that you are still going to have sex with a man for free anyway.

Perhaps men are secretly afraid that if more women start to charge for access to their vaginas, then the free and plentiful sex that they are so accustomed to will become much harder to come by.

You see, throughout history, men have always gone to extreme lengths to secure their supply of sex, as evinced by many oppressive customs against women like Female Genital Mutilation, which are centered on controlling the sexual behaviour of women.

While with any sexual encounter, both parties run the risk of STDs, the distribution of total risk is lopsided as women alone bear the brunt of near indelible socio-cultural damage to their reputations, and consequently, their quality of life.

In life, and in business, we are all familiar and accepting of the idea that whomever takes on more risk should be rewarded with greater compensation.

Prostitution’s ancientness and pervasive ubiquity is due to the fact that it is the one profession that women have always been able to turn to to support themselves in times of extreme need.

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