Workplace dating drawbacks

It’s not a tough list to piece together and here are just a few, in no particular order: Miller involved a prison warden who had consensual affairs with three of the female corrections officers.

According to the plaintiff (another female corrections officer), the three paramours received preferential treatment regarding promotions and transfers.

Like Friedman, I never suffered any personal disasters because of it, just a few moments of personal anxiety that I recovered from.

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Knowledge of the affairs was relatively well known and there was a general perception in the work unit that the women were treated more favorably.

And the evidence showed that the warden’s favoritism toward the women who had relationships with him was at the expense of others who were prevented from being promoted or transferred to other assignments.

Combine these numbers with the fact that 40% of employees polled reported that they had a romance at work and it’s clear that workplace romances remain a potential source of problems for employers.

What are some of the workplace issues that can arise when supervisors and subordinates get romantically involved?

One incident of favoritism generally would not be enough to create a hostile work environment, but the Miller court ruled that a hostile work environment could result from a “widespread” atmosphere of sexual favoritism.

While the fact pattern in the Miller case may not be common, favoritism resulting in unlawful sexual harassment remains an issue for employers.And what if the relationship ends and one partner does not take it as well as the other?This situation is ripe for harassment claims if the conduct that was previously welcomed by one partner is now considered by him/her to be unwelcome.We all know or have heard about couples who met at work, fell in love, and lived happily ever after.Given the number of hours we spend at our jobs, it’s not surprising that many love matches have been made in the workplace. But even if they do, the potential problems employers face from romances at work should not be ignored.This was great for writing angry poetry on the back of band fliers, horrible for my mental state.

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