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A questionable example of camerawork was found in two obvious, voyeuristic crotch shots of Ali (with barely concealed genitals, although partially covered by her cut-off shorts) while she climbed from the back to the front seat of a car, and in another later scene when she was on the phone while getting a pedicure.

The story was based on a real-life crime - the 1993 murder of a teen who had abused his friends and classmates.

It was also criticized for the scenes of Flo's menstrual blood on her dress and the bedspread (after Richard fingered her), and for part-time prostitute Jerri (Carla Gugino), Flo's bi-sexual friend (they kissed in one scene), who described how she once experienced a female squirting orgasm similar to male ejaculation ("I am having this orgasm like I have never had before, and all this stuff starts shooting out of me, like a guy shooting his load... She appeared bruised at the hotel room after being pummeled by her thuggish boyfriend for not having another one of her spectacular but uncontrollable orgasms, and was generously offered ,000 by Richard - her fee that the guy had taken back from her purse.

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You do him, we love to watch" - again demanding: "You go, we go." Stifler unzipped his pants: "I need to keep this party going," but the other two guys fled from the house.

You do that, we'll do you want." After Jim and Stifler made an attempt at another more 'real' kiss, Amber pulled down Danielle's bra and then kissed her cleavage, but their intimate scene was brief and they left the guys begging: "I want more." They then promised: "We're gonna get more physical as soon as we get some hand jobs...

Do it for us." When Jim and Stifler only quickly pecked at each other, the females dared them: "Make it real.

In an additional lengthy "French plantation" segment, Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) had an opium-clouded sexual encounter with widowed French colonist Roxanne Sarrault (Aurore Clement) who released the mosquito-netting around the poster bed.

During their first homicidal attempt, Lisa cowardly froze with her mother's gun in her hand pointed at the back of Bobby's head while he was having sex with Ali on the hood of a car.

A second plan was more successful when a group of seven half-witted, dysfunctional teens (including Ali, Marty, and Lisa) used knives and a baseball bat to kill him in a remote swamp area, and then dump his body in shallow canal water.

The film told about amoral, sexually-active, thoughtless, and depraved slacker teenagers in Broward County (South Florida) in the early 1990s who naively conspired to kill one of their own.

Malevolent and cruel delinquent Bobby Kent (Nick Stahl) continually and sadistically victimized and persecuted his best friend - slow-witted high school dropout and surfer Marty Puccio (Brad Renfro).

The initial gross-out film from 1999 was followed by director J. Rogers' equally sex-oriented sequel with crude humor, the continuing sexual mis-adventures of horny male teens with juvenile sex drives after one year of college, living at a Michigan lake-side house for the summer. His left hand was stuck to his penis with Crazy Bond glue ("AS STRONG AS STEEL") and his right hand adhered to a videotape cassette - it happened when he was masturbating to a porno video ("Pussy Palace") but mistook the glue for erotic lubricant.

It included the simulated sex scene (more revealing in the 'unrated' version) of two tempting females pretending to be "hot lesbians." The female duo threatened: "You don't touch, we don't touch," hoping to get the guys to perform humiliating homosexual actions (an ass grab, a lip kiss, etc.) in front of them: As their embarrassing dialogue was transmitted to walkie-talkies ("My nipples are so hard"), they lesbian-kissed and then turned to request reciprocal action from the guys: "Your turn.... Jim's dad (Eugene Levy) told off an offended lady in the waiting room: Francis Ford Coppola's re-released, 'director's version' Apocalypse Now Redux (2001) of his 1979 war film included 49 more minutes of mostly unnecessary, excised scenes added - including extended scenes of nudity and melancholy-tinged sexual adventure during the boat journey upriver.

The film was shot with natural light on Hi-Def digital video (looking washed out). And the more we can do to glorify that holy spot, the more we're doing for mankind"). Since then, he had become a multi-millionaire due to his successful IPO.

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