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So I briefly mentioned Victor Nikiforov already, but let’s talk about him a little more. In this way, we get a better idea of who each character truly is and what drives them.

Victor is a Russian figure skater widely regarded as the top skater in the world. By moving to Japan to train Yuri, however, he’s abandoning another Yuri — Yuri Plisetsky — a fellow Russian skater. It’s easy to find favorites (hi, Phichit) and not-so-favorites (bye, JJ). These characters share a fragile camaraderie with each other; they cheer for each other, they gasp in shock when someone falls.

Oh, who plays for the Harshen Tigers in Japan, has spent much of the year in Japan.

Sayo Yamamoto and written by Mitsurō Kubo, is an intimate look into the lives of international figure skaters.

Its finale airs today, but thanks to its easy accessibility online, it’s never too late to find out what people are raving about. is the story of Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki.

Even though marriage isn't in the immediate future for Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan, we hope that they find happiness.

Six months after going public with their relationship, Girls' Generation's Yuri (Kwon Yuri) and athlete Oh Seung Hwan have called it quits.

Each character performs their routines with such smooth and easy grace that it’s almost hypnotic. Coaching is a logical next step — but as the show demonstrates, there’s a real affection between Yuri and Victor than goes beyond the latter aging out of competition. Both a subtitled and dubbed version are available, if you’re not a fan of reading your shows. I’d recommend Crunchyroll for English subtitles, while Funimation has the dubbed version.

The celebrity couple went public with their relationship earlier this year.

He thrives on thrilling his audience, but after winning yet another competition, worries that he can no longer surprise his fans. Plisetsky, who is playfully rebranded as Yurio to avoid confusion, is a 15-year-old skating prodigy preparing to enter the senior circuit. And because so much of skating is focused on beauty and performance, their sincere reactions offer a break from the hyper-macho persona that contact sports are typically associated with.

Victor had promised to choreograph a program for Yurio’s senior debut, and so Yurio tracks him down in Japan to see that he pays his dues. Honestly, Yurio is kind of a jerk, but he has his reasons. Each skater is a sort of dancer, one whose strength stems from an ability to land moves that look like they belong in a ballet studio.

At the start of the show, we see Yuri suffer a crushing loss at the Grand Prix Final.

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