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It is understood King Hussein bought Buckhurst Park, a 16–bedroomed country house, from Lord Palumbo, a Conservative peer, in 1986.Since the king's death in 1999, Queen Noor has divided her time between London, Washington and Jordan. When she warned it was impossible to do so in the UK, she was told in a "threatening manner" that she should "tell that to Her Majesty Queen Noor", it was said.

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Queen Noor is not a Queen Mother as she is not the mother of the current king. Raina is not a regnant queen, nor will she ever be one.

She is the spouse of the king and as such is Queen consort.

Piers asked about the political rhetoric here in America as well.

"The extremes on both sides are very unhelpful," she said.

Raina's title is (in english) Her Majesty The Queen.

Noor's title is (in english) Her Majesty (The Dowager) Queen Noor.

"Most Arabs are moderate peaceful centrists," she said.

"The Muslim Brotherhood are one of many groups throughout the region that have points of view that need to come to the table." These comments came as a response to what Newt Gingrich said about the Brotherhood today.

If Abdullahs successor is unmarried and underage, she may be made regent (able to act in the capacity of monarch but legally not reigning) The mother of King Abdullah is Princess Muna al-Hussein.

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