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We did have adisagreement with the last label we weresigned to, Polo Grounds, andthe way they handled our project.

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There was a while there when I only wore Cross Colours and had “Hip Hop” shaved into the back of my head.

EP was heavilyinspired by the music that we used to dance to when we were growing upin Queens, NY.

“We do spot days, like, every week,” Nicole, wearing a black leather jacket and bright red lipstick, explains to me before the boat show starts, while Natalie sits next to her in a midriff-baring white button-down. Their story isn’t really a rise and fall, because they didn’t rise so much as start out on top — the first two singles they appeared on were both crossover smashes — and they didn’t fall so much as start over from scratch, reinventing themselves as underground artists playing only to their own expectations.

But they’ve always managed to stay relevant and visible, and 12 years after their biggest hits, they’re still in demand, both as featured guests (they’ve collaborated with Diplo and Azealia Banks in recent months) and as live attractions.

We sampled Sagat‘s “Funk That,” and covered The Cure‘s “Love Song.” We wanted to record fun music without feelinglike we had to re-create what’s “hot” on the radio.

AE: I hope this comes across the way Iwant it to but, your music ingeneral has a great mid-to-late ’90s feel to it, which is to say it’sthe right amount dance and the right amount of lean-back mellow cool.

It seems likeeveryone is recreating the same songs overand over.

Artists are all after the same producers and what happens is,you turn on the radio and everything sounds the same. We love ’90s music and even earlier music than that.

We love all genres ofmusic and experimenting with differentsounds.

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