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I recommend that you watch the video then read on since the text is much more informative. As you would imagine, Craigslist gets loads of spam so their filters are really REALLY good. Go to and select your local region or the desired region within which you want to sell your product.

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(Think Teyana Taylor at the VMAs.) trending because of "YO, LOOK HOW HOT SHE IS AGAIN," you might expect some not-so-complimentary comments.

And yet, neither of those things happened when London became a Twitter trending topic on Tuesday morning.

It was one of the greatest days of our lives and after 12 years together, things just keep getting better!

Let me back up just a smidge to how the military became such a large part of our lives.

Given that she's, well, human, it's not exactly a shock she doesn't look like the 20-year-old who starred with T. in "ATL."But even though that's not exactly a groundbreaking statement, we all know how the internet works.

When a famous new mother is trending because of the way she looks, it's usually because she's made a quick and miraculous transformation to her pre-pregnancy body.After pictures of her sitting court-side at a basketball game with her fiancé, rapper Nipsey Hussle, became the subject of conversation, the majority of reactions were far from terrible: Now, I think it's important to stop and point out two things.First, I'll admit Twitter isn't the be all, end all of public opinion: Just because a lot of people on the app are saying something, that doesn't mean "everyone" is saying something.Alot of wonderful things were said, I'm sure, but I don't remember anything but saying yes!We were married on a HOT summer day in July of 2007 in front of almost 300 of our closest family and friends.Lauren London looks a bit different, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

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