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So when, as in this movie, he plays someone who is sweet and kind and weak and crawling through moral quicksand, the resulting conflict you feel has you laughing out loud and wringing your hands with anxiety all at the same time.The plot is original and comes with a couple of unforgettable twists. The moral compass is spinning wildly, but it straightens up for us in the end. He dreamed of being a rich and famous writer, but has only managed to make it as a high school poetry teacher.

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For example, $36,900 in adjusted gross income will land single retirees in the 15 percent bracket today.

Earn a dollar more, and they're bumped up to 25 percent.

Medicare premiums go up once adjusted gross income exceeds $85,000 for singles, and twice that for joint filers.

To curb taxes, Olivier recommends that workers who are at least 10 years away from retirement contribute to a Roth 401(k), if offered by an employer.

First, you may have to withdraw more than the $20,000 to cover federal and state income taxes.

And that entire amount is reported as income on your tax return, possibly pushing you into a higher tax bracket and phasing out certain deductions. And Medicare premiums can go up since they are linked to income," Ritter says.

A 50-year-old, for instance, would wind up with more money using a regular IRA — with an upfront tax deduction — if her tax bracket falls at least 9 percentage points in retirement.

Michael Kitces, director of research for Pinnacle Advisory Group, says while workers can create tax problems by having too much tax-deferred, they can go overboard on the Roth, too, and pay too much in taxes upfront.

And if these older investors are in a lower tax bracket in retirement, they can convert some money from a regular IRA to a Roth.

They will owe taxes on the money being converted, he says, though at more favorable rates.

Because of that, some experts now say retirees can end up with too much in tax-deferred accounts, leaving themselves with little flexibility and a potentially big tax bite. Say you plan to buy an RV at retirement or you're hit with a major medical bill for which you need to pony up ,000 or so, he says.

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