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She clarified that it was her childhood thought as a kid.

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Ultimately, this Keke, can you help some pop culture fans out? "As far as Lea and John kissing, I was confused by this.

I didn't know there was no love connection going on here," she joked to E! "I'm going to ask them tonight about this because we're having a little wrap party.

They're the sweetest people and they complement each other well."During the couple's night out in Los Angeles, an eyewitness also spotted the pair whispering in each other's ears and staring into each other's eyes.

Taylor and Billie have yet to publicly comment on the romance rumors.

star documented her co-stars Taylor Lautner and Billie Lourd makeout session at The Nice Guy, fans are hoping to learn more about this possible new romance.

Luckily, Keke was ready to shed some light at 's Men of the Year party Thursday night."I always have to break the news to the kids first.Even though the pair stated that they were just friends, a lot of their fans suspected their affair based on their closeness.They even posted as a couple on social media to trick their fans on the April Fools’ Day.So I’m thinking of leaving you a video,” she says, grinning at her future self. You have genuine friends, people that really love you.” “I think you’re very smart,” she closes, “and I love you. Take care.” “it was so awesome to find this today!! “Why not leave a late night message to YOURSELF reminding you how much you mean to YOU.” She’s totally right. “I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much. Sending yourself a message of self-love is never a bad idea! However, she cleared the misunderstanding and said that she has been friends with Hardrict since she was 10 years old and they grew up together.

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