Who is jesse james dating

Jesse says that being triple-cast with two other guys opposite your girlfriend is humiliating.Hurt by Rachel's actions, Jesse leaves the choir room Later, Jesse attempts to talk with Rachel about what happened.Rachel that they keep their relationship secret, and Jesse says he understands.

Jesse then spots Finn and Rachel talking in the hallway and approaches them, challenging Finn to a sing-off.

Finn instead welcomes Jesse to the group, saying he appreciates having another male lead to help him support the group, and invites Jesse to help with their new Madonna number.

Throughout the remainder of the episode, Jesse's motives for dating Rachel are questioned, even after Shelby assures Will that he isn't spying on them.

Afraid of losing the two most important things to her right now, Rachel then goes to confront Jesse to see if he really loves her or if he's using her, telling him that "if it turns out [he's] just playing [her, she] might die." He laughs, saying she's even more of a drama queen than he is, before telling her, that he's nuts about her and would never hurt her.

He urges them to post it online when Finn suggests it, saying, "You guys need to stop being such asses and start being badasses." Later on in a glee club practice, Jesse is skeptical when Will suggests they sing songs with bad reputations.

He claims that the song Ice Ice Baby "should be arrested for the crime of sucking." However, after watching Will get the club involved in some loose choreography and joining in himself, Jesse admits that it the song has been "paroled." Later on, Rachel shows her "bad reputation" music video, Run Joey Run, and Jesse realizes that she had triple-cast him in the part of the "hunky, heroic male lead" with Puck and Finn.He takes Vocal Adrenaline to a Regionals victory and a second place at Nationals.He is portrayed by actor and Broadway star, Jonathan Groff.He is then shown in the group number Like a Prayer in which Jesse sings back-up in addition to a small solo with the choir in the background.Jesse first appears in the scene where the others are watching Sue's own version of Physical.He sighs, saying, "I remember when I used to get nervous," then explains that he gives impromptu concerts for the homeless to give back.

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