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I don't know if you would consider any of those hobbies.

RB Holley 465 Pretty much that is the "numbers happy" market that Dennis (Sterling) is competing with.

He doesn't run a fast idle or a choke, and I haven't found a need to do so either.

-That happens in all carbs and is what you're always working to tune out by finding the perfect circuit transition...whole 'nother chapter...) All this can be applied to the secondary portion of any carb, too, though there is almost always enough air flow velocity by the time the secondaries kick in, mechanical or vacuum, that the fuel is from that fuel circuit gets well atomized.

So to find the best carb set up for a rotary, do this; Calculate the maximum flow of your engine. You want one that will give the maximum air flow velocity possible..smallest venturis you can get that will deliver your air, but at the same time you don't want one you're going to max out at your high RPM. Nevermind what it looks like, and nevermind what brand name it sports.

Then divide that number up between two carbs, -One big, and one little. Make the two circuits completely tunable so that you can control maximum fuel they get, bleed off the signal to the main circuit with air bleeds, and control when the second one begins to work. Just undertand that it was engineered by Nikki, and modded by me & Carl based on physics.

Now add an accelerator pump that will squirt fuel not only to get you going from an idling dead stop, but will also squirt fuel as the second carb is opening. -And make no mistake about it, this is NOT a "bolt-on & go" performance part.Those folks who have done so and have had good results either have been extremelt lucky, or most likely, are not running their Sterlings @ full performance potential.Everyone's application is different due to environment, altitude, and driving style.Holly Weber said of Newport Beach, "[It's] been my home for over 6 years now.Not the over dramatized, extravagant and pretentious one you see portrayed on ' The O.But at low air velocity the fuel won't atomize very well and will be more like it's dribbling in, compared to the good atomization that comes from high velocity.

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