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Then her mother raised her and her younger sister Terry. During her school days, she was very good in studies and showed lots of interest in acting.

She began her career in the year 1975 by appearing in the movie Mandingo as Dite.

Fifty-year-old Debbi Morgan has been married four times.

Later on she appeared in the movies like Eve's Bayou, The Hurricane, Woman Thou Art Loosed, She's All That, Love & Basketball, Coach Carter, Color of the Cross and Relative Strangers.

In the same way she appeared in many tv shows like Strong Medicine, Soul Food, The Practice, Providence and Boston Public.

She had moved to New York when she was three months old. Her earliest role was in the movie ‘Mandingo’ which was released in 1975.

She was interested in acting since her early days, She played in the musical ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ when she was 15.

She looks extremely beautiful and hot in her each and every movie roles.

From having a close, she seems to have nice figure even at in this age.

She is currently married to Jeffrey Winston, a telecommunications engineer. Debbie has had 3 unsuccessful marriage throughout her career.

Debbi Morgan is an African-American film and Television actress, best known for her role in the ABC soap opera ‘All My Children’, which got her a Daytime Emmy Awards for outstanding supporting actress in a Drama Series. Debbi Morgan was born in the year 1956 on 20th of September.

When Morgan was three months old, she moved to New York.

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