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If we had been better informed we may have been able to act sooner to obtain an AVO for stalking & harassment rather than after a physical assault. State of New South Wales through the NSW Police Force Stalking is a crime.?Under the , stalking includes the following of a person about or the watching or frequenting of the vicinity of, or an approach to a person?s place of residence, business or work or any place that a person frequents for the purposes of any activity.

Handle these carefully in case they can be used to obtain forensic evidence.?

Even if you do not want to pursue charges at this stage, it is important that you record all incidents in case you change your mind in the future.?

It is important that you provide detailed information as to your complaint.

An intervention/restraining order form can be obtained either through the police who may apply to a Magistrate for an order by telephone in exceptional circumstances.

The local police can also issue a 24-hour temporary restraining order in extraordinary cases while the main application is going through.

You can apply for a Personal Violence Restraining Order (PVRO) against a person if that person has committed a personal violence offence against you or it is likely a personal violence offence is going to be committed against you by that person.The Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey 2005, released in 2006, identified that ? It needs to be reported to the police so they may assist in preventing the stalker from committing a more serious crime such as assault, sexual assault, domestic homicide, or cyber theft of identity.??men and women who had experienced violence during the last 12 months were more likely than those who had not experienced violence, to have also experienced stalking or harassment during this time.?? This means if you have recently left an abusive relationship that you may be at risk of being stalked and you need to know what to do if this occurs.? It is important for you to document all incidents of possible stalking and to report them to the police.?A court will make a restraining order under the Summary Procedure Act 1921 if satisfied that there is a reasonable apprehension that the defendant may, unless restrained: How can I make an application?You need to complete a complaint and summons form, which can be obtained online or from the nearest Magistrates Court.?Our NFH stalked us for some time before he actually physically assaulted one of us which resulted in him being charged and an AVO being issued.

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