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They talk about today's events, such as the birthday of an actor on the set.Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen usually appear in this segment.Meanwhile, Cammie and Larry think that a real estate agent is an acting agent, and Cammie pretends to be a famous celebrity, with Larry as her pretend stalker.

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By December 2001, Fox Family had become ABC Family, and the remaining episodes aired until May 4, 2002.

So Little Time reruns briefly aired on Nickelodeon in 2015.

A short "behind the scenes" featurette was sometimes included at the end of an episode as well. Chloe comes up with a unique theory that boys are no different from dogs.

Although retained on the Warner Home Video VHS and DVD releases, these were always edited out of the U. While visiting her father, she then tests this theory in real life on Travis, a boy living in the trailer next door to her dad's. Riley finds herself unknowingly in a romantic tug-of-war between Larry and Tony.

Chloe tries desperately to get detention for herself so she can spend time with a student named Travis.

This causes all of her schoolmates to get detention when her teachers do not believe that "sweet, innocent Chloe" would be so bad.

Some episodes had a shorter running time than others because of the removal of the "behind the scenes" featurettes.

Later in the series, the show starts with the crew wandering around the set with the camera following them.

When Riley goofs around in a wheelchair, a student named Rob (Billy Aaron Brown), who uses a wheelchair full time, gets the wrong idea.

Riley continues her charade, not thinking of the truth's eventual impact on Rob.

A case of mistaken identity leads to Chloe losing the affection of her secret admirer.

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