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The repeated "fa la la" is from medieval ballads and used in Nos Galan.

The remaining lyrics are American in origin dating from the nineteenth century.

Patterns of interlaced birds on the cross-carpet page (p.

216) strikingly resemble the ornament on a cross shaft from Aberlady, Lothian, a Northumbrian site of the mid 8th century: the author/artist of the book and the sculptor of the cross-shaft ornament may have had a similar source for their designs.

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The tune is Welsh dating back to the sixteenth century, and belongs to the winter carol "Nos Galan".

In the eighteenth century, Wolfgang Mozart used its tune for a violin and piano duet.

Chad, St Teilo Gospels, the Llandeilo Gospels, and variations on these) is an eighth century Insular gospel Book housed in Lichfield Cathedral. The manuscript is also important because it includes, as marginalia, some of the earliest known examples of written Old Welsh, dating to the early part of the 8th century.

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