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But Luo said the company’s lasting legacy lies in popularizing voice chat: “People already had these kinds of habits on desktop PCs.

So when they shifted to mobile, they just kept them.” Much like informal rules have evolved for best texting practices, there are do’s and don’ts for voice messaging in China.

You can be , or roman script, and then selecting one of multiple characters with analogous pronunciations.

In some cases, one’s educational background will even dictate how to send voice messages.

“People that aren’t very well-educated will use voice messages no matter what, whether the sentences are long or only one second,” says Luo.

However, work had me take a closer look at We Chat recently and I’m happy to report that We Chat is a very complete app with many cool and useful features.

Seriously, you might know We Chat by the basic features the app and many others like it provide but it’s the other extra features you will discover in this list that might interest you to give it a second chance, if you haven’t already.

“Chinese and Taiwanese express themselves very differently,” Thomas Luo, founder of Pingwest, one of China’s leading tech blogs, told Quartz. But Taiwanese people are more quiet.” Beyond culture, China’s internet users have long been accustomed to talking to each other online.

In the mid-2000s, when the nation’s internet cafes weren’t struggling like they are today, online gamers would scheme with one another late into the night.Voice messaging—or sending short audio clips instead of text messages—has taken China by storm.Step on a Beijing subway and you’ll see people barking into their phones intermittently, as if they’re using walkie-talkies.It’d be weird.” confined to restaurants and parties, in mainland China nearly every public place is a designated “Renao Zone.” Acting boisterous is a sign of confidence and importance.While some Chinese might deny it, the culture’s enthusiasm for being loud in public has made push-to-talk acceptable.We Chat came in at number 10 on our Whats App alternatives list.

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