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By this time we were losing the will to live and Swiss roll's nose was pouring with blood from the Da Bruno with an E. A of 11 minutes to the run site ( via Concorde on steroids!

) The circle convened at Galgo Dog Sanctuary in Alhaurin de la Torre, a worthy cause supported by Mijas HHH. The On-On was not far away with three courses and a drink for 10eu!

Having delayed the hash by half an hour we finally set off at 5 pm for what the hares called a short run in the bird sanctuary.

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It was soon quite obvious that I was indeed wearing unsuitable footwear, pine needles, twigs and rocks hampered my progress, and I was soon overtaken by our love birds Justin and Lip Service who although expressing great concern over my footwear still left me tripping and flipping.

I was Billy no mates, alone in the forest as even little Eve abandoned me, After about 2.5 kms a steep downhill climb definitely not suitable for the flip flop wearers, a rocky river bed also not suitable for said footwear, I found Little Eve, everyone else and the beer stop.

The score for all this excitement came to a 8.5, I believe and after a rather wet circle – Clogdancer thought that throwing beer on top of the R. was the funniest thing ever, but we all know that the funniest joke ever invented was the famous 'We had a lovely meal there, until Sir Shaggalot started to ask the waiter all sorts of funny questions...

it started off innocent enough: 'where is the chef from? ', but after our Knight of the Square Table had imbibed his fair share of vino collapso it quickly deteriorated.

A good turnout for the last of the Sunday morning runs with our worthy hares Aquasex and Speed Bumps. After the rather bland white sands of Zanzibar and the crumbling edifices of Stone Town, it was time again for the upmarket holiday atmosphere of La Cala with its classy tourists and state-of-the-art architecture.

With temperatures in excess of 30deg the promised run" not too far and fairly level" didn't disappoint. Our Hares had gone to great lengths (5.4 clicks, to be exact) to delight us with a easy peasy run along the magnificent foothills of the area with herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across their slopes and with a bit of sun-drenched beach thrown in as well.

When he said 'Excuse me, but I have a bit of a dirty fork“, Lip Service and I quietly bade our goodbyes, just before Mongo the chef came out of the kitchen with a massive carving knife.

Let's see how many Hashers will be left for next week's Doggy Style run... Missed the last HHH sign and was just about to go back when Upyer Bum said "Look a short cut across the beach" Stupidly I followed her advice and the photo above shows the result, Well and truly stuck.

Even the combined efforts of 10 hashers could not budge us.

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