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Invented by writer and actress Vanna Bonta, the 2suit boasts a front flap lined with Velcro strips that can attach to another 2suit, allowing space travelers the opportunity to come together (get it? Harry Stine, a former NASA technician and author of the book “Life in Space” has an alternative suggestion for how astronauts might go about getting down.

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However, the two reportedly worked separate shifts and have refused to answer questions about their relationship while in space.

With no firsthand accounts to turn to, humans are left to ponder: How exactly One of the most obvious issues with sex in space is overcoming gravity.

Human beings possess an innate fascination with sex, but nothing is more interesting to us than the idea of cosmic copulation.

We’re intellectually titillated by the idea that what goes up must get off — but how?

In order for couples to connect, both physically and romantically, they’ll need to be tethered either to a wall or to each other.

This problem can be solved by employing bungee cords, straps, handles or by donning a 2suit, a garment designed to facilitate intimacy in weightless environments.

There’s surprisingly little information available on space sex, presumably because, according to NASA, it’s never happened before.

Since the first space flight launched in 1961, about 558 people have traveled through space.

And it’s alleged — but not confirmed — that there has been at least one case of space sex: Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov is rumored to have had an affair with fellow cosmonaut Elena Kondakova during his 437 day stint aboard the Mir space station during the 90s.

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