Vampire knight dating sim game

He took Yuki in after she was brought to him by Pureblood vampire Kaname Kuran, whom had saved her from a Level E vampire.

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When you think of vampires, you imagine a creature wearing a large dark cloak and unimaginably pale skin, right? Well, maybe you haven't watched Vampire Knight yet.

They come out when the sun sets, and prey on anything weak and frail. Instead of the monstrous creatures you're probably thinking of, the vampires in this series are noble and VERY attractive!

I never thought I’d see a video game that encourages players to be peeping-toms, but here it is. If you need to be rescued from Level E vampires during the vampire-hunter mini-game, the character who rescues you will like you less. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Last week Important Importables reviewed Neo Angelique Special for the PSP..

There are also games where you confiscate forbidden items from students, deliver Day Class girl presents to their Night Class crushes or learn to dance, which are charming as well.

Vampire Knight DS is exceptionally import friendly, in part because the game doesn’t seem to settle in one genre.

Yes, there are visual novel elements, as the game is divided up into seven chapters.

It only took a few months for the first season to complete, and ended in June of the same year.

Another season began airing only a few months later in October, and ran until December, where the series officially ended.

Or will she continue keeping the truth hidden to refrain from hurting Zero?

Matsuri Hino first created the series as a manga in 2005.

The storyline of Vampire Knight DS loosely follows the early chapters of the manga and anime, and basically offers seven vignette situations.

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