Validating surveys reliability validity

Construct validity refers to the extent to which operationalizations of a construct (i.e., practical surveys developed from a theory) do actually measure what the theory says they do.For example, to what extent is an IQ questionnaire actually measuring “intelligence”?Regarding your first question (computing reliability estimates on your own data vs.

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This paper discussed how the applying of Rasch Model in validity and reliability of research instruments.

Three sets of research instruments were developed in this study.

In summary, Rasch Model is suitable to apply in instrument validation process because the concept of item response theory.

I had eleven people play five versions of a video game in single sessions, for a total of 55 sessions (11x5).

The Felder-Solomon Index of Learning Styles (ILS) is essential to find out the learning style abilities of learners.

Students’ Perception in Cognitive Dimension (SPCD) was developed to identify student perception toward their cognitive abilities, and Students’ Cognitive Mastery Achievement Test (CMAT) is used to measure student mastery in a particular subject.

The beauty of using a standardized test is that its reliability has been confirmed many times before, hence standardization.

That is, of course, assuming the TEQ is a commonly used standardized test-- I haven't used it myself.

You could compute four reliability coefficients, one for each factor, or a confirmatory factor analysis might be more appropriate.

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