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Within one hour of collection, plasma samples were double centrifuged at 2500×g for 20 minutes and D-dimer testing was performed immediately.

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Baseline imaging was conducted to assist in the diagnosis of subsequent suspected recurrent VTE in patients who discontinued anticoagulants.

Patients were contacted by telephone or seen in person at six months (two weeks either way).

Women who met two or more criteria and all men were classified as high risk.

Per protocol, low risk patients were to discontinue anticoagulants (intervention arm), whereas anticoagulant management in high risk patients was left to the discretion of the clinicians and patients (observation arm).

Main outcome measure Recurrent symptomatic VTE (independently and blindly adjudicated) over one year of follow-up.

Results Of 1213 women, 631 (51.3%) were classified as low risk and 591 discontinued oral anticoagulant treatment.

Consecutive unselected patients at 44 secondary and tertiary care centres in seven countries (see supplementary appendix) were asked to participate if they had a first episode of major, symptomatic, objectively proved unprovoked VTE 5-12 months before enrolment (referred to as the index VTE).

Index VTE was defined as unprovoked, in line with other studies,181920 in the absence of the following major VTE provoking factors: leg fracture or lower extremity plaster cast, immobilisation for more than three days, major surgery in the three months before the index VTE event, and no diagnosis of a malignancy in the past five years (with the exception of localised skin malignancy).

Per protocol, low risk women were to discontinue oral anticoagulant treatment, whereas continuation of anticoagulation in men and high risk women was left to the discretion of the clinicians and patients.

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