Dating as an adult - Validating data

When you import data into an existing File Maker Pro file, you can validate the data during import.File Maker Pro will skip importing records and fields that don’t match your validation requirements, and report the number of skipped records and fields when the import operation is complete. Therefore, these types of validation failures cause the entire record to be skipped.

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Validation activities have been conducted in many states to document compliance with NHSN protocols, evaluate consistency in applying case definitions, assess the adequacy of case detection, and determine the accuracy and completeness of data reported by facilities and to the public.

This toolkit aims to provide a standard approach to HAI data validation to assure nationwide data quality and to enhance fairness under current and planned reimbursement programs that use NHSN data.

There are several different philosophies about how validation should be done. Accept data only from a finite list of known and trusted values.

When comparing untrusted data against the whitelist, it's important to make sure that strict type checking is used.

Word Press has little need to include user generated content in HTTP headers, but when it does, Word Press typically uses whitelisting for most of its HTTP headers.

Word Press does use user generated content in HTTP Location headers, and provides sanitization for those.

Word Press runs kses on the pre_comment_content filter, for example, to filter the HTML before saving the comment. This function does not encode characters as HTML entities: use it when storing a URL or in other cases where you need the non-encoded URL.

This functionality can be replicated in the old prepare( "SELECT something FROM table WHERE foo = %s and status = %d", $name, // an unescaped string (function will do the sanitization for you) $status // an untrusted integer (function will do the sanitization for you) ) ); Header splitting attacks are annoying since they are dependent on the HTTP client.

The advantage to this approach is that the user does not have to wait for the data to be submitted to your application, validated and returned.

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