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Many sites that use MRTG use its default graphing capabilities for capacity planning and provisioning.

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(MRTG) is a freely available and fully configurable trend-analysis tool that's easy to configure and use.

It's a surprisingly small, lightweight package because it doesn't implement a heavyweight user interface.

It doesn't have a facility for generating alarms or processing traps, nor does it have the ability to set objects.

It's simply designed to provide a graphical view of how your network is performing.

However, it can be a very useful tool for businesses that don't have the resources necessary to purchase a full-fledged trend-analysis package.

Baselines and projections are invaluable, but MRTG's graphs can give you similar behavior at a glance; your eyes are very good at spotting typical behavior and trends, even if they can't give you the statistical analysis that your management might like.Although its graphing capabilities make it look superficially like an NMS, it's really a simple polling engine that's very clever about the output it generates.It performs the same get functions that an NMS would, but its job isn't problem detection and resolution.MRTG has many options that allow you to customize how it operates.It is beyond the scope of this chapter to discuss every option; instead, we will discuss how to install MRTG and use its default graphing capabilities.This may or may not spit out a bunch of information.

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