Updating xbox 360 without internet

Also does anyone know roughly how big the media update is?

It will play .mp4 files (among others) fine, but if they are looking to watch any of those hot files then they are out of luck.

Hrmm OK might see if I can hunt around for the optional media update as well.

If it is then I guess they won't be able to watch anything on it as the only way to get those files is through downloading them from the 360.

EDIT: Also the 360 only supports certain video files, even with the media update.

I'll try downloading and updating from a USB tonight if no luck I'll go and hire a new release. EDIT: I'm also surprised that his console hasn't received the update from some of the games he is playing, although I know all he plays is Fifa and not sure what version of the game he has.

Yeah there is an optional media update that you need to download through the 360 to play certain videos.

If you cant use louiedog's link to update for some reason you could redbox a newer game and use that to update.

Thankyou no idea why I couldn't find that link this morning!

So to wrap it up I would update the dash through a USB stick anyway just so you can have the latest dash version, but for the optional media update you will most likely have to set up that wifi hotspot or find a friend with a 360 and internet.

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