Updating voting registration in oregon

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In order for raw milk to be sold legally, it must be ‘market milk.

‘This is milk that meets the standards provided in the Milk and Milk Products Act of 1947.

Farmers selling raw milk and cream must obtain a producer-distributor license.

Selling other raw dairy products requires obtaining a producer-manufacturer license in addition.

Details: Guidestone Farm was given clearance to operate a cowshare program by the Colorado health department in 1994.

For eight years, they have operated quietly, without any problems, providing raw milk to more than 150 families.Under the Act, market milk is graded and designated into three classes:’certified milk,’ ‘guaranteed milk,’ and ‘Grade A milk.‘Of the three classes, only Grade A raw milk is available for sale today in California.Write to your government leaders and let your voice be heard.You can find your state representative’s contact information here: house.gov/writerep/.“With this exception, not limited to farmers or those who live on farms, cowshare programs and any kind of boarding agreement are legal. Arizona permits the sale of raw milk and raw milk products as long as they carry the required warning label.

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