Updating traditional dining room

Jacques Adnet chairs surround a 1940s dining table by Roger Thibier, the chandelier is from the 1840s, and the rug is custom made; the drawing is by Konstantin Kakanias, the sconce is by Willy Daro, and the walls are sheathed in a custom-made wallpaper.

An antique opaline-glass pendant light hangs above the marble dining table, which is surrounded by vintage chairs; the 19th-century gilt sunburst mirror is French, the Oushak rug is antique, the walls and ceiling are Venetian plaster, and the custom-made kitchen cabinets are cypress.

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It wiped up completely in seconds with first water, then a tiny bit of dish soap. They are currently being reupholstered by Calico and I am VERY excited – what color do you think I chose?????? I got them on Shop Candelabra for $99 each wholesale (they are being discontinued, don’t know why – but these are very similar).

I’m extremely happy with them despite how simple they might seem to you.

Every room is a family room, every room is a lounge and every room is kid-friendly.

We entertain probably 3-4 times a week (playdates with friends who have toddlers), and virtually nothing is off limits.

It casts great light (again, wonderful for our long dinners) and has that traditional/modern vibe. I really like/d them but I heard your comments and kept my eye open for a more perfect stool. We found a company on Etsy, Hedgehouse, that made stools with different finishes of wood and multiple powder coating options. They had tiny hits of black so they worked with the sconces as well. So here is where we are now, but things can definitely change: We still need to show you how I recovered the chairs in some very stain repellant fabric. It’s actually the most visually pulled together room in the house.

We then put in this Target cabinet for a shoot and it’s actually WILDLY better than the antique one we used to have there in the other photos. It’s glass from the side so it really feels lighter, and it still reflects the light with the glass (plus is 7!!! I, too, liked the idea of something wood but you can’t find antique counter height stools so I felt limited – I didn’t want anything too modern. I haven’t shot the most updated room because I’m waiting for the full reveal, but trust me that it’s a lovely room that I rarely leave (seriously – I work from here most days, staring at my pretty patio).

Here’s what it looked like from the etsy listing: When it arrived we realized that the top and the base were two different woods and someone at some point thought they should match so they stained the top to try to match the base and it looked orange and gross. I could either scrap the whole thing and sell it and start over, or invest 0 MORE dollars on refinishing it (which was a VERY good price as far as refinishing goes). I loved the base and size, and wasn’t ready to start the search over again. When it came back from the refinishers I immediately didn’t like it – they did a great job, but by sanding off the stain, the wear and age of the top was sanded off as well. If you are wondering what my perfect table would be, it’s my original farmhouse table but one foot bigger in length and width. I used it as the food/drink table at Easter outside and it looked so pretty …. I love sitting and looking at them and that is a very good thing.

Most people thought it was great and told me to live with it, and I did. but now that I have that marble table I need to get rid of the wood table. But remember this ask the audience where you all told me what to do?

The thing is, as annoying as my droning on about comfort is to everyone who knows me, my obsession is working.

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