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The Buyside is Still Seeing Pressure: For another year, passive investing has outperformed active managers impacting the number of roles on the buyside at hedge funds & mutual funds.Private Equity has seen low rates help their investments (this may change if rates continue to go up) as cheap money has improved the ROIs on investments particularly if the debt is set at a fixed rate.Banks view junior employees (anything below Vice President) as fixed costs so they typically don’t take a big hit.

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The reason we have excluded the exact break out of base and bonus is two-fold: 1) analyst base salaries are a bit less standardized now with $80-85K being the rough mid-point, 2) the bonus is being adjusted to match the all in compensation numbers of ~$150K, ~$175K, ~$200K.

We made similar points last year, the only adjustment really is that most banks have moved to about 80 Base/70 bonus for the good analysts for a first year payout.

Reminder of Wall Street Being Poker: If you look at the numbers, you’ll see that the real money is made at the Vice President (more likely Director) and beyond level.

This is because Wall Street is no different than playing in the World Series of Poker. No one is going to get rich working as an associate and you’re only making money at the revenue generating role and more specifically once you close a few deals (Directors typically have brought in some money).

Desktop calendar gadget for all Windows versions since Vista (including Windows 8).

It simply displays your events from any internet calendar source (not only Windows Live).

The bright side is you only have ~10 years to work no matter what in a worse case scenario.

How Do You Calculate Your Bonus as a Revenue Generator? This is the rough math and makes all those occupy Wall Street people scoff and get on their knees.

Beat everyone to the real numbers for the second time in a row, Morgan Stanley cut by about 15% according to zerohedge and business insider.

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