Updating office 2016 licenese

The most useful aspect of Office 365 for many businesses is likely to be its collaboration and co-authoring capabilities.

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Microsoft provides users of its omnipresent Office software with a wide range of various packages to choose from, with several pricing structures and features.

While this means that there's a version of Office for nearly everyone, it can make working out which one you need something of a test.

To do this, Microsoft has developed a customised Office 365 Groups function for PLC groups, where they can share files through One Drive, access and create shared calendars, and have shared One Note files and conversation spaces that are exclusive to group members. This platform is normally tipped as a way for Office 365 users to share their creations with the world.

However, Microsoft said that feedback indicated this was not ideal in an educational setting and that "keeping things a little more private sometimes makes students and teachers feel safer about distributing their work".

Everything you send out can be tracked, with stats such as performance charts, subscriber activity updates, clicks, new sign-ups, new customers, offer redemptions and unsubscribed numbers available for each campaign.

Microsoft Listings is a local listings tool to help you manage where your business is advertised and the information that is displayed.

However, the deal has potential benefits for your business, too: your staff will always have the latest version of all Office software, everything is securely backed up to the cloud by default, and the monthly fee can be classed as an operating expense, as opposed to the large one-off capital expenditure of buying software licences, which some businesses may prefer to avoid having to budget for.

While perpetual Office 2016 licences are sold on a per-computer basis, Office 365 subscriptions are per user.

In response, Microsoft is introducing an Organisation Visibility feature, which lets users decide who can see their work, such as only those with an Office 365 School account or only those working within the same organisation.

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