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You can also check out and backsplash can lighten, brighten and update oak cabinets – making them look rich and stunning, rather than heavy and old.

And while they still have a bit more finishing work to do, you can already see how fabulous this kitchen is going to turn out!

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By choosing a few key places to paint you can give your kitchen an updated look and give the oak something to play off of.

Via (click on the above link to see some more fabulous photos of her oak kitchen, it turned out amazing!

Copper is another beautiful complement to oak cabinets with its earthy rich metal finish.

Whether it’s canisters or small decorative pieces, adding copper can help to simplify and unify your cabinets and your decor as copper tends to have the same warm undertones as oak.

Using unified decor with a consistent colour palette can really help to update a kitchen or bathroom with oak cabinets.

The more colours and metal finishes you add, the more cluttered it can make things look.

The bonus is that most oak cabinets (if they have their original hardware) have hinges in this colour, so that’s just one less thing to worry about! Another beautiful finish with oak cabinets, adding a bit of contrast and drama without being as stark as black.

did a FABulous job of updating her kitchen while keeping the rich tone of her oak cabinets.

Via BHGUsing a yellow and off-white palette, this bathroom looks simple and well-coordinated.

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