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the reason for that s the LCD of N96 is much clearer and brigther than of the innov8. The 5800 Touchscreen is good but I am massive mobile gamer and need buttons. The battery will remain poor hence me advising you to get the N86 which I will get when released.

updating nokia n96 firmware-56

having previously had a n95 running on v30 firmware with a 950mah battery and now owning an innov8 with latest firmware with a 1200mah battery i am pretty sure my innov8's battery is better it would go for about 2-3 days without charge. Try The Latest Firmware , It Will Stand With You Up To 3 Days All People Says That In The Latest Firmware The Battery Stand By Up To 3 Days !!! If you can be patient, wait until summer and get the N86. Also the N95 8 gig battery will not fit into the N96 incase you are getting ideas.

David , Dont Say That N86 Is a Great Phone Alot Of Phones Seemes Great In Pictures And Features But In Real , It Might Be Slow , Guys Didnt You Notice That The N86 RAM Is 74.7 ? Update And The Phone Will Be Unbeliveable , Because They Added Alot Of New Features.... This is the best of the N95 8 gig and N96 all into one with enhanced features. i got my N96 last month, i am totally amazed with the features of this wonder phone. i love music so my priority on a mobile phone is music especilly the sound quality and loudness.

And It Will Update Update Via PC : You Need To Download A Software Called "Nokia Phone Updater" You Can Download IT Here : I Uploaded It For You :) Install The Software , Then Plug Your Mobile Via Cable , And It Will Be Updated ! Just Make Sure That You Dont Lost Your Internet Connection When Updating Via Phone OR PC And Make Sure You Dont Unplug Your Phone Cable When Updating Via PC.

And I Recommend You To Update Via PC Just Tell Me After Updating , What Do You Think In Your Phone ??

You may not yet find this latest firmware update so if this is the case, you have to keep a wait as the update may have not yet reached your region.

The other thing is your N96 is a carried branded one. But as usual this firmware update should bring the improvements and bug fixes.

I would like to ask you if the firmware 30.101 supports the Greek Language as well?

Yes , I Thinked About Many Many Phones To Get : INNOV8 , N86 , N85 , N97 , SE W995 , N95 8GB But I Dont Know Why , Even There Is Alot Of Phones From The List I Wrote , Have Much Better Features But I Dont Know Why , I Want N96 More Than All Phones Great Look , Dual Slider , 16 GB , 5 MP Camera (Works GREATLY GREAT) , And GREAT Other Features , N96 Is A Perfect Phone , Contain All What You Need...

SE wlkman phones are only good in bass, its still inferior to the sound quality of N96, ive not try the W980i or their latest high end W series phone.

bt i think N96 is better on it especially with the loudness. N96 is better on sound quality on that little gadget. the suuplied headset has built in remote control, innov8 dont have.

Choose What You Like In Look I Recommend N96 the innov8 is better it's camera is better, the proccessor clocks quicker, it's made of metal, it plays back divx, so no conversion of videos is required. It's So Easy To Update Your Phone's Firmware :: There Are 2 Ways To Update Via Mobile (With Wirless Network OR Mobile Network) Via Computer (Which Is Faster) I Recommend Via PC , Because Its Faster , Better And Also Safe , Because When You Update Via Mobile , You Might Lost your Connection , If You Lost Your Connection , The Phone Will Be Broken !!!

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