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However, any other computation over civil time values, including comparisons, produces undefined results.The following casts and conversion functions are supported in legacy SQL: In practice, legacy SQL interprets civil time values as integers, and operations on integers that you think are civil time values produce unexpected results.

I have a nother question for you -- How do I get part of dat from a long datatype field ? I would like to pass as the query 'select text from all_tables' but then insert the LONG VALUE SIZE into a separate table.

Thanks in advance Sudha In PLSQL we can use dbms_sql to do this, for example - the following will print out an entire long regardless of its length: create or replace procedure showlong( p_query in varchar2, p_name in varchar2, p_value in varchar2 ) as l_cursor integer default dbms_sql.open_cursor; l_n number; l_long_val varchar2(250); l_long_len number; l_buflen number := 250; l_curpos number := 0; begin dbms_sql.parse( l_cursor, p_query, dbms_sql.native ); dbms_sql.bind_variable( l_cursor, p_name, p_value ); dbms_sql.define_column_long(l_cursor, 1); l_n := dbms_sql.execute(l_cursor); if (dbms_sql.fetch_rows(l_cursor)0) then loop dbms_sql.column_value_long(l_cursor, 1, l_buflen, l_curpos , l_long_val, l_long_len ); l_curpos := l_curpos l_long_len; dbms_output.put_line( l_long_val ); exit when l_long_len = 0; end loop; end if; dbms_output.put_line( '====================' ); dbms_output.put_line( 'Long was ' || l_curpos || ' bytes in length' ); dbms_sql.close_cursor(l_cursor); exception when others then if dbms_sql.is_open(l_cursor) then dbms_sql.close_cursor(l_cursor); end if; raise; end showlong; / set echo on begin showlong( 'select text from all_views where view_name = :x', ':x', 'ALL_VIEWS' ); end; / set echo off So, you can use dbms_sql.column_value_long to get any piece of a long in PLSQL. If the LONG is always 32k or less, another option is: create or replace procedure longsubstr( p_rowid in rowid, p_from in number, p_for in number ) return varchar2 as l_tmp long; begin select LONG_COLUMN into l_tmp from T where rowid = p_rowid; return substr( l_tmp , p_from, p_for ); end; / and then you can: select a, b, longsubstr(rowid,35,200) from T / Tom, how can I insert into a table the values returned by l_curpos for each row.

LOB columns are subject to far fewer restrictions than LONG columns.

Further, LOB functionality is enhanced in every release, whereas LONG functionality has been static for several releases.

You can describe TIMESTAMP data types as either UNIX timestamps or calendar datetimes.

Big Query stores TIMESTAMP data internally as a UNIX timestamp with microsecond precision.

Up to 6 decimal places (microsecond precision) are preserved.

Date and time strings A date and time string in the format specifiers are supported.

LOB columns are subject to far fewer restrictions than LONG and LONG RAW columns.

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