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Browser plugins like Java, Flash or Silverlight are third party programs that get loaded by the browsers provided that they are set up correctly and not blocked by the user.

Most browsers load all plugins they can get hold of, which often has the consequence that ten or more plugins are loaded by default and may interact with websites that get opened in the web browser of choice.

updating java in firefox-23

Here you can select to either allow the contents to run for the current session, or for all future sessions.

Note that you can also click on the icon in Firefox's address bar directly to get the very same prompt.

So, before you start, I suggest you disable the Java Deployment Toolkit in the browser if it is listed there.

Again: this should not affect any Java contents that you want to run on the Internet.

When you click on it, you get the following prompt that allows you to continue blocking the plugin, or use the allow now or allow and remember options to activate it temporarily or permanently for the site.

The element itself on the page is displayed in a different fashion as well.If you need the JDK, you need to have it set to ask to activate.This displays a prompt in the browser when you open a web page that requires Java.If you are developing applications for Android, you have it installed for example.It is not really needed by end users in the browser, as the Java (TM) Platform plugin takes care of all the Java applet execution on the web instead.As far as the Java Deployment Toolkit plugin goes: if you have set it to ask to activate in Firefox, you will notice a different message on websites that try to use it.

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