Updating green card

We will mail your card as soon as we have verified your documents.You should receive your card within 10 business days from the date on your receipt.

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State laws ultimately regulate names changes so the rules do vary by state.

But adopting a new name is not limited by marriage, divorce, etc.

Immigration attorneys designed the self-directed service to make it easier to prepare and help eliminate the common errors that can cause delays and rejections.

Citizen Path even guarantees that USCIS will accept your application for a green card name change.

Sometimes a name change is necessary because USCIS made the mistake. Green cards arrive in the mail with a misspelled name through no fault of your own.

USCIS (an agency within the Department of Homeland Security) errored.

Several other questions on Form I-90 can be challenging for some permanent residents.

Citizen offers a low-cost service to help people like you prepare Form I-90.

We guide you through the complete application process and provide help to answer questions such as this one.

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