Updating graphics card mac

There is debate over whether Apple make the entire driver set themselves, or just take NVidia/AMD's core code & add their own hardware/OS-specific code to it.

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Unlike audio drivers, video card drivers are updated often.

I don't know how to update Nvidia graphic card drivers on Mac Book Pro Retina.

Could you perhaps edit the title to reflect what you seek to learn?

It seems an odd turn of words to state that an operating system "requires" updates...

Download the latest driver provided for your video card.

Before downloading, check the product support notes for the driver to make sure your video card is supported by the driver, and there is not special exclusion for your computer. Double click the driver after it is downloaded and follow the installation wizard.

Go to the video card manufacturer’s website to check for updates to the card’s software or firmware.

Make sure it works with your version of the Mac operating system.

After installation you will be required to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

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