dating a pickelhaube - Updating an action replay

Another option, which might be simpler for those with a modded console and lots of spare CDs, is to burn your own copy of the ARMAX CD itself, replacing the standard codelist with your customised one.

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To start out with, you've got two options -- you can either create a new codelist (with the New button) or import an existing list (with the Add button).

Once you've added a codelist to the list, you'll see that it has a checkbox next to it.

This button will always show you the largest codelist we have -- the result of combining all the other lists specified in the program.

From here, the simplest thing to do is to scroll through the list and tick the boxes next to those games you're interested in, finishing up by clicking the "Update favourite games" button.

file downloaded from Code Junkies, and strip out all the games that you don't care about in order to create a smaller file -- thereby giving you a lot more room on your memory card.

In addition, you can also add additional games and codes, whether from an official source or a third-party website.This in turn means that you cannot prevent a code in the official codelist from appearing in your final codelist except by excluding the entire game that contains it -- although you can tweak it by renaming it or changing the order in which it appears.In addition, some of the features of MCM require an external component (the "decryption engine") in order to operate.Typically you should choose the smallest number of games you can (normally just the ones you expect to be playing over the next few days/months), since the smaller your selection here, the smaller the resulting codelist file will be and hence the more room you'll have on your memory card for actual gamesaves.One exception to this is if you're burning a new ARMAX CD (requires modded console), in which case you'll probably want all of them.This is what the list on the left side of the main screen is for.

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