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Dunham, by defending herself against all criticism, can be seen as normalising all such activities between teens and their younger siblings, not only as part of pop culture but as part of feminism itself.

TYT defended a scientist who wore an offensive and sexist shirt during a press conference.

These days, the maverick broadcaster is active on Twitter and loads his feed with political commentary, breaking new stories, past show content and tweets from earlier this month when he got ousted from an American Airlines flight after an alleged verbal conflict with employees.

In the midst of the national election primaries, for example, , a documentary (available on i Tunes) about his life and career, and is a recipient of the Emperor Has No Clothes Award for his work with anti-religion organization Freedom From Religion.

He declined a high-paying role as an MSCNBC contributor and its affiliates in 2011.

Those attempting to frame Dunham's critics as right-wing reactionaries are doing little to help survivors of sexual abuse and are instead engaging in erasure and silencing of valuable and coherent criticisms of Dunham's abuse.

TYT is not the only media organization to jump on the bandwagon of blindly defending Lena Dunham.

Sexual abuse is a common, but not exclusive, experience among children with sexual behavior problems.

Importantly, the main issue with Dunham is not that she might go on to abuse others or to harm her sister more (which is of course open to debate and possible) but that she is normalising abuse within feminism and society and in general. She is saying that abuse is acceptable and that parents can safely or even should ignore their children's behaviour when it pertains to violating their siblings' interpersonal boundaries, privacy, and consent.Kasparian, who has an Amrenian surname and heritage, defended Uygur on twitter and in blog posts, arguing that people change their political opinions all the time, however, she has neglected to address Uygur's current stance on the Armenian genocide.) by saying that the dictionary definition means "young progressive." Unfortunately for Uygur, arguments from dictionary are incoherent, but either way the group that carried out the Armenian genocide is also part of the definitions for "young turks".Most importantly, sexual abuse is not solely a political issue.Chaaz Quigley is an Oak Cliff-based activist in Dallas, Texas who loves Black people and hates Hillary Clinton.He enjoys hot bubble baths, Nina Simone and good weed — at the same time.As a teen or youth, unfortunately, Dunham did not stop violating her sister's boundaries and inability to consent.

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