Tv shows like dating in the dark

Instead, it takes sort of the “Chef’s Table” approach by getting to know some of the inspirations and photographic techniques told through the lens (ha! Netflix Premise: It’s like the Japanese “Real World” but without the drama.

Three young women and three young men live in a fabulous house and get the run of the city driving Toyota vehicles.

That is not to say that its sweetness should be mistaken for shallowness though.

They can leave the show whenever they want and are replaced by another young person.

Midway through the episode, a panel of colorful people who are apparently watching the show comment on it, which adds a bit of spice.

Many of those closest to Lara are hiding shady dealings.

As the investigation deepens, another group of rogue snoops are looking into her death, complicating matters.

Performances, especially by Lisa Baastrup as Hjørdis and the kids, are top-notch.

It’s a very welcome quick, low-commitment respite from adulthood and today’s politics.Premise: This Australian documentary series follows photographers as they explore remote and unfamiliar regions of the planet, capturing glimpses of other cultures and breathtaking nature and vistas.Why You Should Watch: This should fill the “Planet Earth”-shaped hole in your heart, although it should be noted that this isn’t a nature program.Also, the first episode dispenses a lot of exposition or introductions, which can drag down a plot anyway, but if you endure a bit of flailing and trying to figure out who’s who, the plot gels by the end of the first of nine hour-long episodes.Netflix Premise: In this Australian thriller, two aboriginal teens involved in a car crash go missing, and journalist Ned Banks (Dan Spielman) and his hacker brother Jesse (Ashley Zukerman) stumble across a horrifying and incriminating video.By now, you’ve already seen Brazil’s excellent dystopian series “3%” or the unforgettable “Chewing Gum” starring Michaela Coel, but what’s next?

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