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But there is a part of her former self that lives on as they decided to call their son after Kristiana's birth name - Stephen.The pair, who live in Sittingbourne, Kent, with their 14-year-old son, Stephen, have been together since 1996.

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A couple who married as man and wife are set to renew their vows as a same-sex couple after the husband had a sex change.

Denise and Kristiana Taylor will walk down the aisle again 21 years after first getting married - but both wearing ivory dresses.

Denise, a midwife at Medway hospital, added: 'I had my suspicions for quite some time, and every time I'd try to approach the subject we'd have a full-blown argument and she'd storm out.'For me I thought, her as a man was having an affair or was gay and I kept finding things round the house and didn't know how to approach it and I was anxious of thinking what was going on.'It was a relief more than anything.'It made me better to know I hadn't physically been sharing her with someone else but actually someone that was trapped inside and was trying to get out.'The way I saw it was that the inside's not changing, and that's what I married - so the outside didn't make much difference.'The ceremony will take place at Judd's Folly Hotel in Ospringe, Kent.

Kristiana knew she was different when she was eight years old, but did not know why.

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