Tough love dating

In addition the kids from both sides of family are totally different my kids being more quiet and laid back and hers being more energertic and boisterous that constantly fought with each other.

What is a person to do when you feel you've met your soulmate and children seem to step in the way love.

Children shouldn't be able to dictate to a parent just whom they can and cannot love or be with in life.

Many children will be quite protective over their parents - male or female, that's a given. My two sons don't interfere to much but as they see the others, they seem to mimic the other 3 and it turns out to be a total farse.

I find it sad when a couple clearly love each other, but children dictate whether the couple can be together or not.

Why not lay down boundaries within your own relationship ( both parties.) You haven't mentioned how old the children are, but clearly some boundaries need be set for your relationship to become healthy.

Because we still really care for each other what is a person/adult to do in this kind of situation .

Dating on the side isn't the long term answer as we both would eventually like to have happy families together.

So there is one constant here it seems her kids just dont want her to be happy, just as they did with me.

They had gone through counselling before me, during the time with me and are also presently in counselling.

My two kids would constantly complain about the other 3 because they would always be fighting with each other or yelling and screaming.

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