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This coming Super bowl I will be watching out for the next Godaddy bouncing bimbo wondering if the guy that stole our domain is watching too, thanking Bob Parsons for making him and all the other lowlifes that hacked Godaddy accounts so much easy money.

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After all this indoctrination and preparation for the imperfect world we share, one would assume that these simple yet effective common sense principles would also apply to the world of protecting valuable assets like internet domains at the world’s largest domain registrar.

] In case you are not familiar with Godaddy they are the company that airs the boorish and unoriginal Super bowl commercials targeting puberty bound adolescent males with a busty semi-attractive brunette (inappropriate term) that only a certain recent ex-president could desire.

This is internet THEFT and there should be a federal law against it.

With 53 subject alternative names this certificate can be used to secure multiple fqdn's.

I would accept this premise if I didn’t have over 10 years experience in the acquisition and management of internet domains and did not have the latest and best in spyware, anti-virus, keylogger, and phishing protection by Avira, AVG, Adaware, Spycop, and others.

Godaddy could have very easily without any effort, just reversed their error but there is no incentive to since the culprit registered my, well his now, domain with guess who? Godaddy, without any common sense security measures or firewall-like protection just gave the domain away as if it was business as usual.Their site is a spam laden kludge of half finished partially functional user modules that even their own support staff can’t navigate or recommend using.There is so much emphasis on up selling and hyping gimmicky add-ons you feel like you are speeding down the Las Vegas strip on acid.Aside from the cheesy half-baked Godaddy user interface there is a much larger problem at Godaddy that should scare the hell out of anyone with domains in their care.My company currently has nearly 500 domains with Godaddy and aside from the inferior user interface and hit and miss customer support, we were at least happy with the pricing.I even explained to the less than intelligent “customer service” rep that all they had to do was look at their server logs and check the I. address of the thief and that would prove my point.

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