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Feel free to try on a dress or let your hair down once in awhile just to remind him that a tomboy can still be a gurl.

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Wear your lightest jeans because the lighter the color, the more casual the aesthetic. After all the coolest thing about you, tomboy girl, is your relentless defiance.

However, darken it up (because you know us tomboy entities are magnetically drawn to ) with a black shirt and a loose flannel recklessly thrown over the top.

Finish off the look with a man's watch (No one f*cks with a girl in a man's watch.) and some flat boots (because after all, you're there to WORK, not to strut). It's not an overtly girly color like bright red, but it still exudes the power of red.

And we always want to exude power in the work place.

A girl who dresses like a tomboy is a fierce force of nature.

She's saying "screw you" to the dated rules of how a woman "should" dress, because she inherently understands there is no right way to be a woman. Fashion is all about expressing yourself to the world.You can get these shirts as cheap knockoffs online -- but, , you didn't hear that from me.2016 is the year of sheer, so be bold about it, and pair it with a strappy black Calvin Klein sports bra that will peer through. Doesn't matter because TODAY is Saturday, and Saturday is the night to have a chic night on the town with your partners in crime.Avoid lacy Victoria's Secret-type bras because they will take away from your tomboy edge. It's the casual weekend, yet you might be going somewhere a little on the ~swank~ side.If you can't walk in the pumps, go for a flat-buckled boot. It's the last day of the weekend, so let's get as awesomely casual and as deliriously FUN as humanly possible.Because come Monday, it's back to the blazer, honey.Oh, and get a pair of those sexy Calvin Klein briefs to match your bra. Plus Saturday, after all, the night to be seen by the masses. This look is all about mixing your unapologetically distressed boyfriend jeans with unexpectedly chic heels and a classic button-down (untucked, of course).

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