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Say yes because you don’t know where love will come from, and you want to take advantage of all of the opportunities that come your way. Being on too many sites/apps can give us Dating ADHD.

Choose large sites with big denominators like or e Harmony.

Vi ber deg nok en gang om å holde indentiteten deres hemmelig!

I’ve got a quick fascinating little quiz for you that’s going to show you something you need to know about men. Is it: A) A woman who’s smart, independent and “together.” Or…

To be successful at finding love, make a plan that is realistic, fun, and that you can stick to.

Your plan should include 3 major categories: Commit to saying yes to everything (or almost everything! I hear great stories every day about someone who wasn’t going to go out and her friend talked her into going to the local bar, and she met the man of her dreams right then and there.

In tonight's last slot (March 10) of this series, the celebrities and their dates attended a posh dinner party - though Ferne Mc Cann didn't manage to find love so decided to go solo.

Believe it or not, there are 107 million single Americans — 43 percent of the adult population.

(BTW, here's what it's really like to be in a relationship that's #fitcouplegoals.) Though they do typical gym routines about four times a week, they also spend weekends goofing around with couple's exercises like human sled pushes or partner push-up/tuck-ups.

(Try these fun partner exercise ideas with your bae or BFF.)Amanda caught Paul's eye with a red dress on Tinder (not too surprising considering seeing the color red gives you an energy surge), and they quickly bonded over their shared love for staying active.

First, understand the numbers are in your favor, so even if you feel like you’re the last single person left in Chicago, you’re not. At my Smart Dating Academy, we tell people to date as if finding love is a “WHEN” not an “IF.” You are patiently in the game — whether it takes 10 dates or 100 dates.

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