The pitfalls of dating married women

In the very beginning you will see quite a lot of your new lover.Secret dates will be established and the excitement will make you feel alive.In other words, you will make excuses whenever possible to justify the situation - just a little more time and things will be fantastic.

If they leave for you, you will be held silently accountable in future every time life is not perfect.

And for all you know, they may always be looking backwards with a half-glance and all that they left behind.

If they haven't become single within 12 weeks they probably never will.

They must leave not for you but for their own reasons.

If children are involved in the marriage then although you may not be able to fix their marriage, you are contributing to destroy it and with it, the children's stability.

Walk away as fast as possible in the opposite direction and keep walking.Even if the morality of the situation has no impact on you, consider the impact having an affair with a married person will have on your self-image.Besides wrecking other people's lives, being the "other man/woman" will sap your dignity and self-worth despite whatever cavalier approach you may take.As a woman you will be made to feel cheap and may even fall pregnant in which case your situation has just become highly complex.The thing I cannot stress enough is how much you will be lied to.You will have to endure endless months of discussing what it will be like when you are together (which you probably never will) and you will face comparisons with their spouse at every turn, even if they never vocalize it.

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