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Or, conversely, you could think of it as a playlist that happens to have a crime film attached.

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Wright is as much of a music geek as a tire-squeal fetishist, and time spent with this mixtape — whether it’s via the packed two-CD soundtrack, or just as it plays out to picture, very loudly, in theaters — is time few rock fans would regret.

The automotive scenes tend toward recently underexposed, revved-up ’70s rock classics by the likes of Queen and Golden Earring, but the “Baby Driver” soundtrack also offers cuts of various styles and vintage from Beck, Brubeck, Barry White, the Beach Boys, and soul duo Bob and Earl, just to touch on Wright’s B-list.

Well seeing as how my love life is terrible it made me think...

what makes someone feel better when they have no relationship? Now before you get offended, I don't mean this in a jerky, mean way.

I always held doors open, I gave people rides when they were too drunk from our high school escapades, and yet, I always seem to get some of the bitchiest girlfriends in existence.

I remember the first date I had with a more recent ex-girlfriend, almost as if I'm reliving it all now.Yeah, but I don’t want to divulge exactly what he does, because it gives away the ending of the movie.I will say that he’s in the last five minutes of the movie, so he essentially bookends it.He’s at the start — the first voice you hear on the soundtrack—and he’s one of the last voices you hear in the movie.How challenging was it for your editor, cinematographer, and stunt people to go along with your wanting the action scenes to synch up exactly with a song’s running time?It was a simple date, a stroll through a park along our river-side and then to a coffee shop and maybe to a music club....

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